Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)


The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is a large business park being developed by Sky City, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), on an area of over 12 square kilometers in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Sky City was commissioned to set up and operate airport free zones, business parks, and one stop shop facilities in Abu Dhabi. It is compatible with Abu Dhabi Executive Council resolution No. (61) of 2010 which granted free zone status to the properties owned by ADAC within Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, and Al Bateen Executive Jet Airports.

The development of Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone will include two phases. The Phase one will comprise Abu Dhabi Airport Logistics Park which serves companies operating in aviation, cargo, warehousing, supply, logistics and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) sectors. The Phase two will offer storage, warehousing, and light industrial units and plots of lands for development.

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone will accelerate Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification by providing numerous benefits for investors such as tax exemptions, 100 per cent foreign company ownership, repatriation of capital and profits and access to the airport and airport services.

With its investment incentives and strategic geographical location within Abu Dhabi International Airport premises, the Airport Free Zone is set to become a flourishing business center that will attract and promote private sector investments.

Where is it located?

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi Airports
P.O. Box 94449, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No. +971 2 5055000
Fax No. +971 2 575 8300

Abu Dhabi Duty Free
P.O. Box 94449, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No. +971 2 505 5000
Fax No. +971 2 575 8300

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City
P.O. Box 92229 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel No. +971 2 505 3403 / 3425
Toll Free +971 2 800 1111
Fax No. +971 2 505 5922

Describe the kind of businesses here?

The purpose of Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is to establish a unique and preferred business destination for international and local organisations in the following sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Airport services
  • Logistics
  • Cargo
  • Freight
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consultancy Management
  • Trading
  • Light industries
  • Marketing & Events
  • Other service providers engaged in aviation-friendly and light industrial activities are seeking to gain advantage from proximity to the airport for import and export purposes.

What are the advantages of setting up here?

  • 100% corporate and income tax exemptions
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No custom duties
  • Proximity to the airport to facilitate imports and exports
  • Quick, simple registration and licensing within our “One-Stop-Shop.”
  • 24/7 security and access to facilities
  • In-house IT and telecommunications services
  • Independent regulations
  • Easy access to regional markets.

What is the cost of setting up business here?

Flexi Desk — Annual lease rental including service charge AED 10,000 

  • Security Deposit of AED 5,000 (refundable)
  • Includes Utilities (AC, Water, Power) and unlimited Internet usage
  • One Visa Entitlement @ AED 2,500 (3 year) + AED 2,500 (Visa Deposit)
  • Maximum of 2hrs usage per day or 10hrs per week (no carry forward)
  • Usage time from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm based on prior booking
  • Business Centre package optional at additional cost, g., Po Box, Printing Scanning, Meeting Room Usage, etc. 

Industry Segments and Licensing Activities

Industry Segments and Licensing Activities appropriate for businesses setup at ADAFZ broadly fall under the following categories:

Licenses Annual Fees AED
Aerospace, aviation and airport services 30, 000
Manufacturing activities under all segments 50, 000
Consultancy 15, 000
Knowledge and development 15, 000
Logistics (shipping, transporting, storage and warehousing) 15, 000
Marketing and events 15, 000
Regional headquarters 15, 000
Service provider (cafe, restaurant, pharmacy, bookshop, etc.) 15, 000
Technology and ICT 15, 000
Trading 15, 000
  • Aviation, Aerospace, Airlines & Carriers Aircraft Interiors and Airport Services
  • MRO
  • Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing Distribution & Storage
  • Marketing & Events
  • Technology & ICT
  • Trading
  • Service Provider
  • Consultancy
  • Regional HQ
  • Knowledge & Development
Share Capital AED Share Capital AED
Setup Type Registrationn Fee (one time payment) AED Aerospace, aviation, airport services, and manufacturing Other Services
Branch company (overseas or local) 5, 000 NA NA
FZ LLC (Corporate) New company 7, 500 500, 000 150, 000
FZ LLC (Natural) Individual shareholder (s) 7, 500 1,000, 000 150, 000

Annual License Fee: AED 15, 000 – 30, 000 depends on the commercial activity.

What is the distance from various landmarks to this location?

  • ADAFZ to Dubai Airport – 130 Km
  • ADAFZ to Downtown – 120 Km



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