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Located in Taweelah, midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the deep water Khalifa Port is the first semi-automated container port in the region. It has been constructed on a reclaimed island with an offshore area of 2.7 square kilometers and a basin of 16.5 meters depth. Six Super Post Panamax Quay cranes, 32 automated stacking cranes, 20 straddle carriers and comprehensive ICT services are part of the container port’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it one of the most technologically advanced ports in the world.

Owned by ADPC and operated by ADT (Abu Dhabi Terminals – a private joint stock company), Khalifa Port commenced operations in September 2012. Today, the port handles general cargo and all of Abu Dhabi’s container traffic. In its present development phase 1, the port has an annual capacity of 2.5 million TEUs and 12 million tons of general cargo. When all development phases are completed, Khalifa Port is expected to increase its capacity for container volumes to 15 million TEUs and 35 million tons of general cargo per year.

With market access to an estimated 4.5 billion people within four time zones, Khalifa Port can accommodate the biggest ships sailing the world’s oceans. Currently, the port serves 17 shipping lines, offers direct services and direct connections to more than 40 international destinations as well as transshipment at the world’s main hubs.

Where is it located? 

Kizad Abu Dhabi Office

P.O. Box 54477
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: 800 10 20 30
(Telephone: +971 800 10 20 30 from outside UAE)
Fax: +971 2 695 2030

Describe the kind of businesses here?

Two types of companies can be established in KIZAD:

1- Free Zone Companies (regulated by ADFZA):

  1. LLC;
  2. FZCO

2- Non – Free Zone companies: as per the UAE Commercial Companies Law.

The regulations for both types of companies are the same regarding land registration, but the licensing body differs. Currently, industrial licenses for Non-Free Zone Companies being established in KIZAD are issued by ZonesCorp (Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones) as they are the authority delegated by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to issue industrial licenses. On the other hand, industrial licenses for Free Zone companies being established in KIZAD are issued by KIZAD /ADFZA. Shortly, DED will establish an independent authority for issuing industrial licenses for both KIZAD and ZonesCorp. 

Who are your prominent clients? 

Please go through the link for more details: 

What are the advantages of setting up business here?

Kizad is well positioned to give investors excellent access and reach to markets within the region and the world. Many factors influence the decision of where to locate a business, and Kizad sets out to address the most critical of these, efficient access to markets, low operating costs and ease of doing business in a uniquely proactive way.

In keeping with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision to harness industrial diversification, Kizad is located on a 417 sq km greenfield site selected as a prominent gateway to capture regional industrial development. The Kizad site is located halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, two major markets with existing business and industrial infrastructure and is in the proximity to three international airports: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai International Airport.

It consists of Area A and Area B. Area A is divided into specific area plans to afford a myriad of industrial activities ranging from aluminium production, trading and logistics operations to healthcare equipment manufacturing.

Area B, although allocated for commercial and industrial uses, further supports the industrial development by providing support services and amenities such as workforce residential communities and retail. Kizad is dynamic and comprehensively designed for socio-economic sustainability thereby ensuring successful longevity.

Kizad offers a word class infrastructure and multinational connectivity with roads, ports and rail networks that ensure easy accessibility to and from the industrial zone. 

What are the procedures for establishing a business here? 


Making sure companies find their excellent location within Kizad is of paramount importance. The first step to satisfying this aim is for interested parties to fill out an Industrial Project Application (IPA) or a Logistics Project Application (LPA) form, both of which can be downloaded from and These two forms differ according to the type of facility or operation the interested party plans to establish.

After completion of the appropriate form, Kizad’s Business Services and Technical Services Teams will review the application. It will then be sent on to the Plot Allocation Committee, which assigns the best plot of land for the applicant’s business. The next stage involves talks between the applicant and Kizad before a final agreement on the venture being established in the Industrial Zone is reached.

The applicant may then opt for a Preliminary Agreement allowing time to complete the required conditions precedent or move on to signing the final agreement. For this purpose, Kizad has developed a bankable instrument that enhances access to third party finance and investment.


Business owners that have completed all stages of the land leasing process are invited to sign a Musataha Agreement. This is a long-term property right agreement that is capable of being registered at the Abu Dhabi Land Registry Department in the name of the investor.

Signing the agreement ensures the investor legally owns all assets developed on their plot of land within Kizad while they reside at the Industrial Zone and guarantees tenure provided the business operates within the terms of its license. It also acts as a supporting document for securing loans and mortgages related to an investor’s business.

In certain cases, Kizad will enter into direct agreements with an investor’s lenders thereby strengthening the security package an investor is capable of offering for raising capital. Such support is offered to ensure business owners can access the capital for establishing operations in the Industrial Zone and secure long-term financial stability.

All companies entering into the Musataha Agreement are subject to Kizad’s rules and regulations, which are in place to establish a safe, efficient and sustainable business environment.


For investors who wish to secure agreements to rent or lease buildings, a standard long-term lease agreement will be utilised.

The leasing process is initiated by customers expressing interest in Kizad and providing us with the information we need to allot an appropriate plot of land, by filling in an Industrial Project Application form (IPA) which can be downloaded below.


What is the distance from various landmarks to this location?

KIZAD to Dubai Airport – 95.7 km
KIZAD to Abu Dhabi Airport – 33.8 km
KIZAD to Downtown – 86.1 km

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