Bentley Opened Its Biggest Outlet in Dubai

Leading luxury car maker Bentley opened its largest showroom in Dubai.

bentley-1453904 (1)

Bentley, one of the world’s premium car manufacturers, opened its flagship store in Dubai yesterday. The astonishing new showroom is situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road, featuring 75,000 sq ft over six floors. Its impressive design comprises a roof garden, a specialized water feature with number plate recognition, and a personal commissioning space. The showroom also has world’s first Aqua Graphic Water Curtain to welcome regular Bentley customers. The uniquely designed showroom also features an alluring ‘luminary facade’ with 160,000 LED lights projecting a variety of colors and streams live video footage of the cars’ signature design elements.

Bentley, based in Crewe, England, is famous for making mostly hand-built high-end, premium motor cars. It is now a  subsidiary of the German automaker, Volkswagen AG.