Setting up new business?

The choices you make today will determine your success tomorrow

You must make many thoughtful decisions early on that will affect your business for years to come. A quick search on Google will show you scores of consultants for new business setup. Not all of them are created equal. This means you must choose carefully which advisor to go with.

We are here to help. We can help you select the business setup advisor and provide you with oversight on what they do for you. We will represent your interest for a nominal fee. After all, it is more expensive to discover a mistake later.


potential Investors

Mainland company setup

A limited liability company (LLC) is the most famous form of business in the UAE for person or companies with foreign ownership who wish to trade and conduct commercial activities across the UAE.

customized approach

Free zone company setup

Free zone license gives you 100% ownership of your company which make free zone company the most favorable option in the UAE for business setup.


Offshore company formation

It offers many benefits that includes privacy protection & confidentiality to companies whereas offshore companies can operate within a zero taxation system and having UAE bank account is so easy.