Damas Opens Luxury Jewellery Collection

Damas launched its new luxury jewellery brand, Sama.


The leading jewellery retailer in the Arab world, Damas, has launched its luxury jewellery brand, Sama, on Thursday, September 22. Renowned Hollywood celebrity Penélope Cruz launched the brand at an astounding event held at the Armani Hotel, Dubai. Sama is one of the major launches Damas has announced this year. The brand had partnered with Forevermark, part of De Beers Group, to incorporate the rarest diamonds into their ‘Damas Classics’ collections Earlier in 2016. Sama is currently available at select Damas luxury boutiques across the GCC.

“Sama collection presents not just a product line but also an entire experience and showcases what lies at the heart of the brand – what Dubai and the UAE have taught us. It is a premium and luxurious offering that will capture the essence of the brand globally,” says CEO of Damas, Anan Fakhreddin. He also added that every piece by Sama is certified by reputed jewellery labs, ensuring the quality of perfection. Each Sama piece has been conceived by well-known award-winning designers who have also developed beautiful jewellery pieces for numerous international brands.

Based in Dubai, Damas is one of the premium jewellery and watch retailers in the Middle East. It was founded in 1907 and currently owns about 300 jewellery outlets in the GCC region. In 2012 Damas was acquired by a consortium led by Mannai Corporation QSC and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mannai Corporation.