DP World ponders ‘Hyperloop’ technology at Jebel Ali Port

Hyperloop transportation technology at Jebel Ali port in Dubai.


The operator of UAE ports, DP World, ponders the feasibility of a new transportation technology, Hyperloop, at Dubai’s Jebel Ali port. It was jointly announced by DP World and Hyperloop One, the American firm that develops the technology. Hyperloop is a tube-based transport system that moves compartments or ‘pods’ of people up to 1,220 kilometres per hour speed to and from their destination. If the technology is implemented after the necessary tests in the US, it is possible to travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 8 and 15 minutes.

The Hyperloop technology is invented by Elon Musk, a Canadian-American engineer and business magnate in 2013. Hyperloop One, formerly named as Hyperloop Technologies, is an American company established to explore Elon Musk’s idea of Hyperloop transportation technology.