Dubai Hosts International Conference on Robotics

2 June to 4 June, 2016

Dubai, UAE

The 2nd International Conference on Communication, Information Technology and Robotics will be held from 02 to 04 June 2016, at the Crowne Plaza at Deira, Dubai, UAE.

New developments are targeted towards improved tools for eco-friendly systems, to keep us safe and healthier. Key highlights of 2016 innovative technologies:
– Robotic toy “leka” designed for kids with autism
– Foldable droid for stomach problems
– Diving robot mermaid helps sea exploration
– Car-to-Car communication keeps us safe
– Internet of DNA etc.
This conference brings together business people, scientists, researchers software architects and industry professionals to discuss
– Green communication
– Bio-inspired grids
– Mobile cloud computing
– Advancements in Robotics, Automation and Communication Engineering

Map & Address

Crowne Plaza, Dubai


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N&N Global Technology

CYBER - PARK. Route ElHamma- Tozeur 2200, Tunisia.

Contact number: 0021676460890

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