Dubai International Financial Centre


Dubai International Financial Centre is a financial hub which offers an excellent platform for financial institutions as well as professional services providers to operate and blossom.

DIFC’s strategic location in Dubai enables access to vast business opportunities deriving from the emerging markets in the region. DIFC Authority (DIFCA) regulates and oversees the operations, development, and administration of this Free Zone. DIFCA is dedicated to creating value for all stakeholders through its physical, legal and regulatory infrastructure, and its programmes to ensure the financial stability of its companies and its excellent customer service.

DIFC is divided into two entities: DIFC Authority and DIFC Properties.  DIFC Authority is responsible for business development and legislation, while DIFC Properties manages real estate and land.

Where is it located?

Dubai International Financial Centre Authority:

The Gate, Level 14
P O Box 74777
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 00971 4 362 2222
Fax: 00971 4 362 2333

Registry Services Office:

Marble Walk – The Gate Building
Sheikh Zayed Road
P O Box: 74777
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 00971 4 362 2255
Fax: 00971 4 362 2575

Government Services Offices: 

Dubai International Financial Centre
Marble Walk
P O Box 74777
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 00971 4 362 2391

 Describe the kind of businesses here? 

  • Customer service
  • Registrar of companies
  • DIFC corporate structures
  • Commercial licenses
  • Leases
  • Specific client services

 Who are the prominent customers? 

For details, please check the link: 

What are the advantages of setting up business here?

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 0% tax on income and profits guaranteed for 50 years
  • Zero exchange controls
  • Double taxation treaties for entities established in the UAE
  • Access to massive wealth and investment opportunities
  • Independent common law judicial system
  • Strong but simple rules and regulations
  • Operating environment compliant with best global practices and international laws and regulations
  • Various legal vehicles as a result of capital structuring flexibility
  • Legal system based on Common Law of England & Wales
  • One-stop shop for visas, work permits, and other procedures
  • Modern communications, internet and transport infrastructure
  • Access to skilled professionals living in Dubai 

What are the procedures for establishing a business here? 

3 Steps to start up a business at DFC:

  • Application: Clients must contact the Relationship Management Team to begin the application process.
  • Registration: After a successful application, clients move on to the online registration process.
  • Incorporation and License: Following a successful registration, a Certificate of Incorporation, registration or continuation, and a commercial license are issued. 

What is the cost of setting up business here? 

Non-Retail $ Retail $ Time to Process
Application for incorporation of a company 5 working days
Special purpose companies 1,000 n/a
Protected cell company 1,000 n/a
Open/closed ended investment company 1,000 n/a
Non-profit incorporated organization 100 n/a
Other company types (not partnerships) 8,000 3,400
Application for registration of an entity 5 working days
Representative office 2,000 n/a
General partnership 4,000 1,700
Recognized partnership 4,000 1,700
Limited partnership 4,000 1,700
Recognized limited partnership 4,000 1,700
Other types of partnerships 8,000 3,400
Commercial license on incorporation / registration
Representative office 4,000 n/a
Special purpose companies Nil n/a
Protected cell company Nil n/a
Open/closed-ended investment company Nil n/a
Non-profit incorporated organization 1,000 n/a
Other legal structures (where applicable) 12,000 5,100
Application to transfer an entity to DIFC 5 working days
Transfer an incorporation to DIFC 20,000 n/a
Transfer a foreign limited partnership to DIFC 20,000 n/a
Application to transfer an entity from DIFC 10 working days
Transfer an incorporation from the DIFC to others 20,000 n/a
Transfer a limited partnership from DIFC 20,000 n/a


What is the distance from various landmarks to this location? 

DIFC to Airport – 10.5 km

DIFC to Downtown – 3.5 km



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