Dubai Launches New Green Building Rating System

Al Safat mandatory for new building permits


Dubai, UAE: When Dubai put up the world’s first functional, fully 3D printed office building, it became clear that plans to have 25 percent of the construction to be 3D printed by 2030 were already underway. To achieve this, Dubai authorities are setting up a framework of rules and regulations for implementing 3D printed buildings.

Research and surveys are being conducted to determine best practices, gathering experience and expertise from organization and practitioners in 3D printing. A series of workshops are also in the pipelines to discuss the practicality of implementing 3D printing technologies.

The benefits in using 3D printing in construction are enormous: a drastic reduction in construction time, less material waste, and less manpower required. Considering the shift in thinking and approaches that the new technology will bring with it in the construction space, setting up regulation and legislation to not only streamline and manage new projects but also govern entities is high on the agenda of Dubai authorities.