Dubai Maritime City Authority Launches Weather Portal

'Smart Weather' to provide weather information and advice


DUBAI, UAE: Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has launched a new mobile-friendly online portal, ‘Smart Weather,’ which provides vital onshore and offshore maritime weather information and forecasts for up to nine days. Easily accessible on smart devices, the portal issues navigational warnings as well as recommendations on whether sea conditions, including details on wave height and direction, air temperature, wind speed and direction, and visibility, among others, in both Arabic and English.

Mahmoud Ewidah, Director of Information Technology at DMCA said, “Our new online portal provides major maritime stakeholders and the general public with powerful tools that provide accurately information 24/7 on weather conditions affecting their maritime activities. Technology-driven initiatives such as these are vital to Dubai’s emergence as one of the world’s most advanced and competitive maritime hubs in the few coming years.” The portal, that has a professional as well as a public version, generates detailed daily weather reports under the supervision of DMCA’s Safety and Environment Department and to other local maritime stakeholders.