Dubai Turns a Foodie Capital

Four new eateries open every day, Dubai becomes the new foodie capital.


Dubai has recently witnessed the openings of an avalanche of various types of restaurants, making it the foodies’ paradise in the UAE. Statistics show that there is a minimum of four new eateries opens a day in Dubai. Figures from Dubai Municipality indicate that in the last 18 months, 2,074 restaurants opened in Dubai. Sultan Ali Tahir, the current head of the Food Inspection Section of Dubai, states that in the year 2015 around 1,540 restaurants opened but it was approximately 500 in 2014. Dubai is now home for over 16,000 eateries, including international chains, local ownerships, coffee shops, and cafeterias. MR. Tahir also said that most numbers of new openings happen in the downtown Dubai. People’s attitude and approach towards food change and with the rise of the power of social media platforms such as Zomato and Tripadvisor, foodies start exploring news tastes, said Mr. Tahir.

A waitress from Dubai’s Home Bakery in Galleria Mall, which has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, says that every day people come and show a dessert that they’ve seen on Instagram and demand it. These things show the increasing influence of photo sharing, as well as the search and discovering social media platforms over the urban and the rural population. The number of food ordering portals launched in Dubai is increasing such as,,,, and much more.