E-Music Calling

FreshTunes is all set to launch in UAE.

FreshTunes launching in UAE

Pic Courtesy: freshtunes.com

UAE-based FreshTunes, a brand new digital music distribution service, is all set to announce its unique offering for the world’s independent artists – a free to use service to distribute music onto all major music streaming platforms and digital stores, accessible online.

Here are some advanced features of the simple and user-friendly FreshTunes online interface:

a) Free registration and 24 hour content upload to all major digital stores –
b) Allowing artists to manage their releases, artwork, track descriptions and monitor sales and streaming statistics
c) Music is distributed to all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Google Music, Amazon music, Shazam, YouTube, SAAVN, Guvera and more.
d) Fresh Tunes take no cut of revenues, royalties or rights – the artist keeps 100 percent.
e) Additional value-added services such as artwork production, lyric video production, ringtone production, promotion of artist videos on the FreshTunes YouTube channel,
f) LANDR automated music mastering and MFiT to fit music to iTunes quality standards.