What types of businesses can list on the website?

All types of legally sound businesses with proper documentation can list on Businesshorn.com to sell or seek investment. In order to do so, you will have to verify that this is an authentic business and that you are authorized to list the business on Businesshorn.com

How much do you charge for a listing?

Businesshorn.com will not charge you till as long as we are in the beta version. Once we launch the paid service, you can choose from AED 299 for a 60-day listing, SED 399 for a 120-day listing and AED 449 for a 180-day listing. If you are a business broker and seek to list multiple businesses, we will customize a package for you.

Is there a limit the investment I can raise through Businesshorn.com?

You are free to raise any amount of investment. Our recommended range is from AED 50,000 – AED 1,000,000. For higher investment, please speak with us for a direct outreach to accredited investors for your category of business.

Do you offer guidance on the level and terms of investment?

Businesshorn.com merely lists businesses for sale or investment. Businesshorn.com does not endorse any listing. We encourage businesses to offer terms that are consistent with you financial goals and capabilities. We encourage investors to conduct the necessary and sufficient due diligence before investing in any business. Businesshorn.com does not provide guidance or consultation with regards to any listing or investment. Consult your financial and legal advisor before making any investment.


Is there a minimum investment?

There is no minimum investment. We encourage the business owner and investor and reach a mutual agreement.

Who is responsible for enforcing the business plans of the investee?

Businesshorn is merely an online market place that lists businesses for sale or investment. We encourage investors to conduct necessary and sufficient due diligence on operational, accounting, financial and legal aspect of the business. Consult your respective legal and financial advisors before agreeing on terms of the transaction.

Can Businesshorn.com help me sell my investment in a business to in a secondary sale to another investor?

Businesshorn plans to introduce a service that will enable investors who have bought into a business sell their shareholding in the business to another investor.

More questions? Ask us. We shall include your question in the FAQs above.