Filipinos flourish in Dubai

Overseas Pilipino workers prosper in Dubai.


A recent analysis made by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), accessing 140 cities in the world to decide the best and worst living conditions around the globe, suggests Dubai, where hundreds of thousands of Filipino workers find jobs every year, is among the best cities in the word to work and live. Dubai’s position has improved during the last five years. During the study, the EIU has considered 30 factors such as health care, stability, education and infrastructure, and culture and environment. The scores are collated between one and hundred with one being intolerable and 100 as best. Dubai becomes the second most improved city among GCC countries based on livability, only after to Tehran.

Dubai’s total livability score was 74.7 out of 100, improving 4.6 percent since 2011. Dubai ranks 74 out of 140, and there were only six cities in the world that improved their scores over the past year. Melbourne, Australia becomes the most livable city in the world.

Reports say that there are around 450,000 Filipinos live in Dubai, forming 21.3% of the Dubai population.