Ford Tools and Power Equipment Store Launches in Dubai

VTools outlet offers over 1,000 products and 5,000 spare parts.


Ford Tools and Ford Power Equipment, in partnership with VTools (Venus Tools), has opened its first store in Dubai. The VTools store offers Ford Tools products from DIY kits; hammers and screwdrivers to lighting products; and garage tools and household equipment such as vacuum cleaners, among others.

“We have everything from consumer products all the way to professional levels. We are currently carrying over 1,000 products and more than 5,000 spare parts,” says Ahmad Sorayanejad, CEO of VTools.

Most of the Ford Tools are cordless to maximise working comfort of the end user. Tools are equipped with low-maintenance batteries made of lithium-ion, making them long-lasting and lightweight. Ford Tool products are also available in Carrefour, Ace Hardware, and other major retail outlets in the region.

Venus Tools is a branch of Venus Machinery and Engineering Equipment established in 2011. The company was appointed as the distributor of Ford Tools and Ford Power Equipment in the Middle East and CIS in 2015.

The machinery and equipment sector is one of the largest industrial sub-sectors in Dubai and accounts for about 25 percent of the industrial GDP due to the high domestic and regional demand for construction machinery and equipment. Developing this sector will add higher value to the GDP, given Dubai’s reputation as a hub for machinery and equipment in the region.