The guide to pitching a story

It’s great if you are a global business with operations in 100 countries. Or a hot digital startup with Vinod Khosla or Peter Thiel knocking at your door. You may have partnered with a new company. Or gotten a new dealership. You could be launching a new product or service. Or you may won a hotly contested tender. A million users downloaded your app. Anything new that could be of interest to our readers is of interest to us. If you think our readers would like to know, tell us about it. Make your news more exciting than the other pieces we read. Write like you are speaking to a friend. Get the main points across first. Convey useful information. We receive hundreds of submissions each day. So, please keep your pitch concise. After you submit your news, one of us shall call you to confirm or verify things

We receive hundreds of submissions each day. That doesn’t mean it will get published. Even if you invited us to your product launch or the annual party. Your news must be newsworthy. After all, we have a reputation to protect.