• 55,000 sq m community park – park area
  • 160 retail outlets, including restaurants, pet shops, spas, gyms and bars
  • Free parking for 3 hrs. On upper deck in each cluster from 0800-2300 Sat-Thu
  • Lakefront community spread over 200 hectares encompasses 64 beautiful residential and commercial towers alongside hotels
  • Four winding, man-made lakes
  • The centerpiece of JLT is the iconic Almas Tower, the tallest commercial tower in the Middle East
  • Almas Tower is home to the DMCC, the free zone authority of JLT
  • DMCC has registered over 5,500 companies, with 85% of new registrations coming from businesses that are new to Dubai
  • Four children’s play areas in the community
  • Three Carrefour Expresses and a Spinney’s Market and a range of independent grocery stores

Hotels In JLT

  • Bonnington Hotel who’s McGettigan’s Irish Pub is the toast of the town
  • Oaks Liwa Heights
  • Movenpick
  • Pullman

Nurseries In JLT 

  • Baby Home Nursery – Cluster M and N
  • Dewdrops Nursery – Cluster X and Cluster Y
  • Four2four Nursery and Daycare – Cluster J
  • Kids Kare Nursery JLT – Cluster E
  • Kids Kingdom Early Learning Centre – Cluster L
  • Kids World Creative Learning Center – Towers, Cluster C
  • Learning Ladder Nursery JLT Cluster V, New branch in Cluster Q
  • Mosaic Nursery – Cluster T
  • Oakfield Nursery
  • Paddington Nursery JLT, Cluster P
  • Rainbow Valley Nursery – Cluster G
  • Tiny Town Play Lounge
  • Vernus Early Learning Centre – Cluster U
  • Cascade Learning Centre – Cluster X or P
  • Modern Renaissance School
  • Reach Out Special Education Center

Dining In JLT 

  • Akawi Oven
  • Al Farooj Fresh Chicken JLT
  • Baldwin Café JLT
  • Café Fresh
  • Farsi JLT
  • Hot N Roll JLT
  • Itzza Pizza
  • Juice Garden Café JLT
  • Just Falafel
  • KCAL Healthy Fast Food
  • Kitchen India JLT
  • Moussa’s Café JLT
  • Pizzame
  • Prestige Restaurant & Billiard JLT
  • Propahtea Café
  • Star Fish Restaurant JLT
  • Subway
  • Subway
  • Sucre Sale JLT
  • Take A Break JLT
  • The Kitchen of Thai Restaurant
  • Wardat Lebanese Restaurant
  • Zyara Café
  • Scuzi
  • Doner Kebab

Beauty Care In JLT 

  • Amore Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Avante Garde Beauty Centre (for men)
  • Avante Garde Beauty Centre (for women)
  • Cavallo Nero Gents Saloon
  • ELO Aesthetic Center JLT
  • Finesse for Him and Her JLT
  • Fitnesszone JLT
  • Hair & Body Care For He
  • Jamalich Beauty Salon
  • La Beautique JLT
  • La Femme Beauty Salon
  • Mankind
  • Marjan Beauty Salon
  • Mary Beauty Salon
  • Natalie Beauty Salon
  • Naturopathy Touch JLT
  • Persona Salon
  • Sugar Urban Nails
  • Sunface Beauty Salon
  • Tip Top Nails JLT
  • Zana Gents Saloon JLT
  • Zen Nail & Hair Studio JLT (Gents)
  • Zen Nail & Hair Studio JLT (Ladies)
  • W Gents Salon JLT

Pharmacy In JLT 

  • Armada Pharmacy JLT
  • Life Health & Wellness JLT
  • National Health Insurance Company – DAMAN
  • Super Care Pharmacy JLT 

Groceries In JLT 

  • Carrefour
  • Edelweiss JLT
  • Geant Easy (branch of Fucom LLC)
  • JLT Spinney’s Market
  • Lakes Mart JLT
  • Lakes Towers Supermarket JLT
  • Mi Casa Market JLT
  • Mohed Grocery
  • NIGT Minimart
  • Park N Shop JLT
  • Red Rose Mart & Coffee JLT
  • Rube Mini Mart JLT
  • Speed Mini Market JLT
  • Twins Mini Mart

Other Services In JLT 

  • Create Color Printing & Advertising
  • Worldwide Project Management JLT

Fitness In JLT 

  • Fidelity Fitness Club
  • The Champion Club
  • SMART Fitness

Laundry Services In JLT 

  • Fourways Laundromat JLT
  • Fourways Laundromat JLT
  • Higiensec Quality Dry Cleaning
  • Lakes Laundry JLT
  • Lite Richies Laundry (Branch)
  • Speed Mini Market JLT Laundry
  • Tom & Jerry Laundry LLC (JLT Br)
  • Veritas Laundry JLT

Car Rental In JLT 

  • Indigo car rental

Why Invest in JLT?

Nowadays, people are in search of such apartments, flats, and commercials which are located in the posh locality or the area where they can find every sort of amenities at a very short distance. This is the reason which has brought a revolution in the real estate and commercial business, and now builders are developing their construction with each modern facility to attract customers that to at the reasonable price rate. JLT makes the best Dubai real estate investment spot since the rental rates are quite competitive here, and therefore any investment in this project ensures steady returns. There are 26 clusters of towers, which are named alphabetically form A-Z.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) has luxurious apartments; offices and retail outlets offer breath-taking views of the lakes and lush green surroundings. If you are planning to buy a new flat for residence, then Jumeirah Lake Towers are the best option for you. These towers can together give shelter to around 60000 populations for residence purpose and around 120000 for commercial or say working purpose. The basic requirement for your children i.e. playground will also be fulfilled here. The beautiful landscaped gardens, the unique waterways, majestic views of the lake, and the verdant surroundings alongside the top-notch hotels, luxurious restaurants, first-class coffee shops, high-end retail shops and supermarkets, state-of-the-art facilities, and amenities create the wonderful community of the Jumeirah Lake Towers.

People living and working within JLT will have a wide range of facilities within reach with quiet community areas with cafe terraces, shaded walkways and benches, pavement fountains, lake fountains, gardens near to avenues, groves of trees, desert gardens and bespoke sculptural features lending to both small scale internal interest, as well as contributing to expansive views.

Just like Dubai is a heaven to reside in, it is also an ideal place for working and making a living due to its favorable work and business culture. In recent years there has been an influx of people looking out to make the most professionally. All around Dubai, there are some of the most impressive commercial spaces designed to provide maximum comfort to the working community, thus ensuring higher productivity. One such community is Jumeirah Lake Towers. This has been built to accommodate residential as well as commercial units within the clusters of high-rises. As a commercial complex, it is one of the best places in Dubai. At the moment, Jumeirah Lake Towers constitutes of 63,000 companies.

The beautiful waterfront community has a harmonious environment as residents and the working community thrives together. The towers have become a preferred choice for commercial establishments as it offers a number of services as well as many easily available facilities. Furthermore, the lush landscaped gardens and spectacular lakes make working here much more productive, as it oozes calmness and serenity which is ideal for working effectively.

A Commercial Project with a Charming Atmosphere

You may wonder what sets apart Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as JLT, apart from others. It is not just the environment but many other factors are present which works in its favor.

  • As mentioned earlier, it offers a calm environment. Workers who get tired working in a monotonous role can enjoy the beautiful gardens and the magnificent lakes and other waterworks. The promenade is lined with trees and plants to provide a serene environment.
  • It is strategically located on the busiest road of Dubai; Sheikh Zayed Road which offers connectivity all the major business hubs around such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City.
  • Logistics and transport hubs such as Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port and Al Maktoum International Airport further add to its usefulness.
  • Furthermore, its location makes metro easily accessible as it lies such 10 minutes from JLT. There are two metro stations, which connect to Jumeirah Lake Towers.
  • Within the community, there exists the Almaas Conference Center, which is equipped with excellent facilities to conduct important conferences.

Due to its extensive advantages along with many facilities, JLT continues to be a favorite destination for many working people.

The Skyline of Dubai is dominated by high-rises, especially commercial towers. Some of the best ones lie on the revered Sheikh Zayed Road, one of them being the massive Jumeirah Lake Towers project. This DMCC’s project has attracted many commercial buyers as they set up their offices in the serene surroundings of Jumeirah Lake Towers; also known as JLT. JLT is situated on the 5th and 6th interchange of Shiekh Zayed Road. Due to its strategic placement, on one of the busiest roads of Dubai, corporations are seeking to set office at JLT. Jumeirah Lake Towers to become the favorite destination of various entrepreneurs to invest. Establishment of various corporate office towers and residential towers led to the increase in opportunity to utilise the space available here for commercial purposes.

Set across 200 hectares of land, JLT boasts of serene environment and beautiful landscaping. The biggest attraction at JLT is its four manmade lakes which give an alluring environment. This added feature has been a major factor for companies to buy or rent freehold properties at JLT.

Advantages for Commercial Units

At present, JLT boasts of a working community of 6,300 companies. Right from small establishments to large corporations, everyone is eager to up their offices here. Being a residential as well as commercial complex, JLT offers many opportunities that make it an ideal choice for commercial apartments.

In whichever sector you may be specializing, apartment offices at JLT offer an entire floor for commercial purposes. The offices are huge and spacious, thus ensuring that your employees are comfortable; this will increase their productivity manifolds. Also, before making the purchase, you can choose which tower you want your office to be located and the view that is best suited for your office. You can either choose to overlook the serene lake view or look out to face the skyline of Shiekh Zayed Road. For commercial purposes, the units are appropriately designed, with the right flooring, cubicles, etc.

The strategic position of JLT has made it a preferred choice for commercial leasing. JLT offers easy access to major hubs such as Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. Similarly, Jebel Ali port is nearby thus further making the location ideal for businesses.

Security Facilities

When investing in large spaces for commercial purposes, the first concern is about the security. At JLT you will be far away from these worries as JLT offers amazing state of the art security systems that ensure the safety of your property. Furthermore, Jumeriah Lake Towers constitutes of 5 police stations along with a fire station to resolve any untoward accidents and incidents. Security is a top-most concern of the developers. Thus they make sure that your property is safeguarded at all the times. Security is especially strict considering the presence of the Diamond Exchange at Almas Towers.


One of the high points of JLT is the sense of community offered due to the presence of both, commercial as well as residential complexes. The atmosphere is relaxed and has an alluring charm, especially in the evenings when children are playing and other residents are strolling in the lush landscaped gardens at the waterfront. Although you may be buying a commercial apartment, it will also provide you with a sense of belongingness. Employees after a hard day’s work can take breaks and enjoy strolls in the walkways or enjoy a quick bite at one of the many restaurants, cafes, and fast food joints present in almost all the clusters.

To summarize, JLT is one of the best communities, which has both commercial as well as residential complexes. It is an ideal location for setting up your business as it offers great value for money. By choosing to set up your office at JLT, you will be profiting much and attracting many more clients.

Jumeirah Lake Towers has emerged as such a community where there is a scope of unlimited growth and development. The fabulous architecture of these towers along with the well-organized plan has led Jumeirah Lake Towers to become the favorite destination of various entrepreneurs to invest. Establishment of various corporate office towers and residential towers led to the increase in opportunity to utilize the space available here for commercial purposes. The presence of both types of population i.e. population of occupants and working people make Jumeirah Lake Towers a place which is full of opportunity.

Offices to Serve Various Purposes

No matter what your requirement is, you will get floor or a portion of the floor to use it for commercial purposes. You will get the floor to establish your corporate office in any of the towers whose construction has been completed. Before selecting a floor, you have a number of options opened before you. You can select the tower and floor, which suits your requirement best. If you are selling home decor products and furniture, then floors facing towards lakes and sea are the best option for you. In some of the tower interior of floors are completed in a very artistic way, which will enhance the beauty of your products and invite customers to you. To set up office floors are also available whose interiors are done in such a way, which fulfills your each requirement. Starting from well-furnished cubicles to the attractive lobby, you will get everything here.

Scope of Growth

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or a shop in Jumeirah Lake Towers, then this is a guarantee that your work and business will flourish here. Huge spaces are available for rent for commercial purposes. Optimize your opportunity and make most of it. Commercial spaces are available near the towers where offices of various sectors are situated. If you buy a property for commercial purpose in this area, then be sure you will get a great return. Staff and officers are likely to come out and take a break from their hectic schedules. So where will they go in their break time? Obviously, they will come to your restaurant or coffee shop to relax and refresh their mind. This is a guarantee that if you are buying a property for the commercial purpose here and know very well how to utilize and monetize things then you will make lots of money. Since residential towers are also situated there so, there will be a need for grocery shops and shopping malls. You can also invest in such sectors.

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