National Security Summit

29 August to 30 August, 2016

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The National Security Summit Middle East will be held from 29 to 30 August 2016 at The St. Regis, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This conference will share insights regarding investments made in the cyber-security front in the Middle East. It also sheds lights on the inter-agency cooperation to enhance security by alerting beforehand about potential threats.

An opportunity to learn from leading industry experts on ways to counter imminent and potential threats, counter-terrorism strategies and ways to tackle extremist groups in different regions through a collaboration and technology.

Event will take place focusing on countering terrorism with specialized and strategic operations, improving long range surveillance and remote monitoring capabilities, and also developing superior capabilities to counter narcoterrorism with state-of-the-art technology. The event will feature experts from homeland security, police, customs, border guards, airports and ports, industrial security and armed forces across land, air and sea domains who will discuss ways to enhance regional capabilities to deal with the two predominant security threats in the Gulf: Conventional Warfare (CW) threats and Asymmetrical Warfare (AW) threats.


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USD 2899

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The St. Regis Abu Dhabi


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IQPC Middle East

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