Old Dubai to Witness New Pokemon Hunt Food Trail

Dubai-based food touring company combines Pokemon Go and food.


If you have ever tried catching Dragonite, Wigglytuff or Lapras in Old Dubai, you know how exciting it is. To have more excitement while doing it, you can have some finger-licking snacks at hidden food joints along the way. Frying Pan Adventures, a Dubai-based food touring company has found a unique way to combine two of the country’s passions, Pokemon Go and food, in association with Dubai’s leading photography centre, Gulf Photo Plus.

The Pokemon Hunt in Old Dubai is going to take place on September 29, and will allow ardent fans of the Pokemon Go game to track down and chase characters competitively, power-up across 18 Pokestops and incubate eggs in the pathways of Bur Dubai and Deira. Frying Pan Adventures’ co-founder Arva Ahmed and Nathalie, Dubai 92FM’s radio presenter are fully equipped to provide expert hints and tips to those who are new to the game. Participants will have to get ready for the big chase on the 5.5-km route with snacks and sweets such as Indian bakherwadi (spicy Indian snack), Chinese tea eggs, chai, shawarma tastings, Iranian frozen noodles, and Emirati sweet fritters. Frying Pan Adventures is also ready to loan out 10 Samsung smartphones loaded with the Pokemon Go game to every participant who request one at the time of booking.

The Pokemon Hunt in Old Dubai is expected to commence outside the Ghubaiba Metro Station in Bur Dubai at 5 pm on September 29 and finish near the Union Metro Station in Deira. Tickets cost AED 350 and can be bought at www.unseentrails.com.