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Icons Coffee Couture is a German Fashion & Lifestyle Coffee Chain born to nourish with organic coffees, handcrafted sweets & treats – in style! Icons is famous for their sugar-free bakery and beverage assortment which is sweetened all naturally without added sugars, but full taste!

Lifestyle: Contemporary interior and product presentation.
Health: Organic Coffee, Teas & sugar-free sweets & treats with full taste!
Price Value: More value for the same price.
Exclusive: Serving World’s most expensive Coffees.
Fashion: Diverse sales opportunities as a trendsetter.

Country of Origin: Germany
Date Established: 2012
Number of Home-Grown Locations: 8
Opening Soon: 4
Type of Franchise Available: Area Development Franchise Agreement

Average Area per Location:

Model 1: (Kiosk) 25 to 69 m2
Model 2: (Store) 70 to 119 m2
Model 3: (Flagship Store) 120 to 150 m2
Average Investment per Store Model 1: 180,000 (Kiosk)
Model 2: 280,000 (Store)
Model 3: 380,000 (Flagship Store)

Term of Franchise Agreement: 10 years renewable
Priority Markets for Expansion: Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Oman