Property ID : 37002

Business For Invest AED7,000,000

An official organizer of the unique exhibition dedicated to technological developments in the region. The office of the company is located in Tecom, Dubai. It attracts developers from all over the world to share and present their newest technical discoveries and modern technological decisions. The first edition of the event, organized by the company, included activities such as exhibition, networking dinner, ten workshops, and 15 seminars. It took place in 2014 and was visited by more than 2.000 people. 33 countries from around the world were able to present their technological developments at the exhibition. The second edition took place in 2015 and was visited by almost 3.000 people. That year 36 countries participated. The event included exhibition, conference, six workshops, eight demos, nine seminars, competition, networking dinner, and EPL workshop. The company owns the essential to its business assets such as branded website and database.

Established: 2013
Location: Tecom, Dubai
Website: available
Size of the place: 1.130 sq. ft.
Rent: 120.000 AED ($32.800)
The tenancy contract is valid till 31/08/2016
License: 10.000 AED ($2.732)
License activity: Exhibition organizing
License Validity: Till 14/12/2016
Sponsorship: 25.000 AED ($6.800) yearly

Staff: Managing director and founder, Co-founder, Technical manager, Sales executive, Cad Designer.

Since the exhibition is held only once a year, the management of the company is not involved into the work process during the year. The salary expanses comprise the payments to office admin and a sale executive, which is around 10,000 AED ($2.732) per month. However, during the show the company outsources some people as assistants and pioneers.

1st Edition 2014: 70.000 AED ($19.126)
2nd Edition 2015: 225.000 AED ($61.500)
Net profit:
As was projected by the management of the company, the first years of the operation the firm experienced loss. In 2015 compared to 2014 a loss was one and a half time less. The loss decreased due to the increase in number of partners and visitors. The strategy of the company predicts further increasing of their number that will contribute as a profit.
1st Edition 2014: – 1010.000 AED (-$276.000)
2nd Edition 2015: – 630.000 AED (-$172.000)
Net profit projection:
2016: – 200.000 AED (-$54.600)
2017: 800.000 AED ($218.500)
2018: 2.050.000 AED ($560.100)
2019: 3.400.000 AED ($929.000)
2020: 4.450.000 AED ($1.219.000)

Total Assets: license, database, office furniture
Marginality of the business:
2017: 42%, 2018: 62%, 2019: 71%, 2020: 75%
A payback period is around 4 years but taking into consideration the great opportunities for expanding business and increasing net profit, this period may be significantly reduced.

Selling price: 7.000.000 AED ($1.913.000)
The price includes:
1. Highly promising business
2. Adjusted work process
3. Company’s assets
4. Great opportunities to expand the business and increase the profit
5. Customer database
6. Website

  • Posted On: April 14, 2016
  • Location: Abu Dhabi