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With MORE THAN 38,000 global locations, the SUBWAY system is the largest restaurant chain in North America and is poised to become the #1 Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world. Each SUBWAY restaurant is focused on making great sandwiches, so great in fact that many SUBWAY customers have become franchise owners simply because they believe in the product! In most years, about 70% of new franchises are purchased by existing owners.

Here are some of the reasons for SUBWAY’s phenomenal success:

Great food: SUBWAY’s ‘Sandwich Artists,’ create customers’ sandwiches from a variety of gourmet bread that are baked fresh every day. With a choice of many ingredients, the sandwiches are customized with an array of meats, cheeses, and vegetables before being topped off with unique, select sauces. Also, many food flavors are brought out by toasting the sandwiches to perfection, just the way a customer wants.

Superb décorSUBWAY Franchise Opportunity

The SUBWAY décor integrates the look of natural building materials such as brick, clay, stone in the stores, creating warm and inviting family dining destinations.

Products you will be proud to serve

The SUBWAY franchise offers your customers many great options to eat a fresh meal, fast. If you operate a retail or high street enterprise, think about your customer base and all the potential consumers who patronize your business. Wouldn’t the quality of the SUBWAY® products appeal to those consumers?


The nutritional value of our food is imperative. The SUBWAY FRESH FIT menu is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is trans fat-free.

SUBWAY Eat Fresh Live Green

The SUBWAY brand is committed to making SUBWAY restaurants and operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. The brand strives to conduct business in a way that creates profit for franchisees while minimizing the impact the business has on the environment and improving the lives of SUBWAY customers, employees, franchisees, vendors, and communities worldwide.

Join the team

There’s a world of opportunity waiting for you! We are seeking single & multi-unit franchisees and development agents worldwide in many countries. A Development Agent works to increase franchise sales by building on the SUBWAY internationally recognized the brand. Several areas around the world need Development Agents. If you are willing to live in that country full time, and you have franchisee experience, you may be the Development Agent that the SUBWAY system needs right now!