Shaikhani Group to Launch a Tower for Studio Apartments

The Dubai-based developer is planning to launch a tower for only studio apartments.


Shaikhani Group, a leading Dubai-based property developer, has announced its plans to develop a tower of apartments exclusively with studio houses. Following the current trend of Dubai to build affordable housing units for the middle class who plans to stay here for longer periods, Shaikhani Group, is all set to introduce an entire block of studio apartments in one of its upcoming ventures named the Arjan project.

Recently, Danube Group, a prominent business group in the region, has developed its entire portfolio of affordable properties and sold them out completely during the launch. “There will be around 260 to 300 units with ample parking space as well as other amenities and the studio space varies from 400 square feet to 700 square feet. The price starts from AED 400,000 [$109,000] per apartment, and the majority will be 400-500 square feet apartments”, says Mahmoud Shaikhani, managing director of Shaikhani Group.

Headquartered in Dubai, Shaikhani Group is one of the top real estate companies in the UAE. It was established in 1978 and has interests in real estate, construction, logistics, trading, and manufacturing sectors.

Dubai is on its way to a vigorous market recovery, and this is the best time to invest. Its current position as a world-class, leading business hub is improving the real estate and property development sector, making it one of the best cities to live in.