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Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) was founded in 1995 with 55 companies. Today, SAIF is home to more than 5500 companies, including some of the most well-known global brands in manufacturing, media, trading, IT, and others.

SAIF provides excellent business incentives, making it the perfect business hub. It is dedicated to providing an outstanding, highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective service. The business environment in the free zone is free from red tape and complicated regulations.

SAIF is easily accessible from the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean from Port Khor Fakkan and Port Khalid seaports as well as Sharjah International Airport.

Where is it located?

Marketing and Sales Department

Tel: 00971 6 5178361/248
Fax: 00971 6 5571131

Lease and License Department

Tel: 00971 6 5178110
Fax: 00971 6 5572577

Legal Department

Tel: 00971 6 5178231
Fax: 00971 6 5570161

Client and Investor Services Department

Tel: 00971 6 5571111
Fax: 00971 6 5571600


Describe the kind of businesses here? 

  • Company incorporation
  • Business licenses
  • Issuing of visas
  • Other legal services
  • SAIF’s zone departments

What are the advantages of setting up business here?

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 0% corporate and personal income taxes for the company, investor and employees
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% import and export duties exemption
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • Competitive fees
  • Access to over 2 billion consumers
  • Strategic location between east and west
  • Access to ports in the Arabian Gulf & Indian Ocean
  • International air links across the world through Sharjah International Airport
  • Close ties with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sharjah Expo Center and more than 40 international banks
  • Secure business environment
  • Modern fully-equipped facilities
  • 25-year renewable leases
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Unlimited cheap workforce
  • Abundant and cheap energy
  • Sponsoring & visas for staff
  • 24/7 hotline for equipment and labour provision
  • Back-up services 

What are the procedures for establishing a business here? And what is the cost of setting up business here? 

Procedure for Leasing and Licensing

3-Step Registration Procedure:

  1. Submit the required documents and outline of proposed project to the Marketing and Sales Department.
  2. Receive the approval letter, pay the amount required for the lease and sign the lease
  3. Receive the business license, lease agreement and the keys for the facilities from the Lease and Licensing Department.

Documents Required for Company Incorporation:

Documents required Branch of a Foreign Co. Branch of a UAE Co. Free Zone Est. (FZE) Free Zone Co. (FZC)
Application form
Project summary
Passport copies of owners/managers
Certificate of Incorporation / Registration
Memorandum and Articles of Association or equivalent
Board resolution to open a branch in SAIF and power of attorney appointing the person(s) in charge
Bank statement for the last three months
Balance sheet for the last two years
Minimum capital AED 150,000

Licensing Fees

    Cost AED
License type Industrial 7,500
Commercial 7,500
General trading 15,000
Service 7,500
Other licenses Aviation 15,000
Real Estate 15,000
Freight forwarding 8,500
Other costs (yearly payment) Office third party liability insurance 1,500
Warehouse and land third party liability insurance 2,500
Office services 1,200
Warehouses services 2,200
Land services 2,500
Internet listing 300
Office signage – one payment 300
FZE registration – one payment 10,000
FZC registration – one payment 10,000
Branch registration – one payment 5,000
Refundable lease deposit for facilities – one payment 3,500

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Services 

  • Company incorporation
  • Business licenses
  • Issuing of visas
  • Other legal services
  • SAIF’s zone departments 

Company Incorporation

Clients need to select one of the company types below to operate in SAIF: 

Branch – A company already incorporated in the UAE or a foreign country can incorporate a branch in SAIF.

There are two types of branches:

  1. Branch of a foreign company: A company based in a foreign country can incorporate a company branch in SAIF. The name of the branch will be the same as the name of the parent company.
  2. Branch of a local company: A company incorporated in the UAE can incorporate a branch in SAIF. The name of the branch will be the same as the name of the parent company. 

Free Zone Company (FZC)

  • Two or more people can incorporate a Free Zone Company in SAIF
  • The maximum number of shareholders is up to 5 but can be up to 7, if approved by SAIF
  • The minimum capital required is AED 150,000
  • Liability is limited to the share capital 

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

  • A person can incorporate a Free Zone Establishment in SAIF
  • An FZE has only one owner or shareholder
  • The minimum capital required is AED 150,000
  • Liability is limited to the share capital

Business Licenses

Different license types available at SAIF:

  1. Industrial License: for importing of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, assembling, packaging and exporting finished products.
  2. Commercial License: for importing, exporting, distribution, consolidation, and storage of products which are specified in the license.   Maximum of three similar product lines.
  3. General Trading License: under Commercial License – a large number of business activities fall under this category.
  4. Service License: to be able to carry out services specified on the license.

Issuing of Visas

Visas are issued by the Client & Investor Services Department (C&IS).

Services provided by C&IS:

  • Issuing of entry permits for employment visas
  • Amendment of visa status
  • Cancellation of visas
  • Request for a service (visa deposit, fax)
  • Stamping of new residence visa and renewals
  • Documents for families visa stamping
  • Issuing visit and transit visas
  • Immigration card
  • Issuing of entry passes (non-sponsored by SAIF)
  • Issuing NOC
  • Issuing salary certificates
  • Guarantee deposit refunds
  • Transfer of sponsorship
  • Passport release
  • PRO card application 

Other Legal Services

  • Attestation of documents
  • Changes to licenses
  • Mortgage services
  • Amending share structure

All necessary services and procedures are provided under the same roof, making the client’s experience in setting up a business in SAIF a hassle-free one, which saves time and money. Within 24 hours of submission of the required documents, all licenses and permits are issued to clients. 

SAIF’s Zone Departments

  • Marketing & Sales (first point of contact with potential client)
  • Customer Care
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Purchasing
  • Client & Investor Services
  • Engineering
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Cargo, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Lease & Licensing
  • Legal
  • Security

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Products

SAIF offers a variety of modern facilities to clients wishing to set up their companies in the free zone:

  • Office space
  • Plots of land
  • Warehouses
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Container parking area
  • Bunker facilities
  • Labour accommodation 

Office Space

Size / Price From 24 square metre

AED 39,600 per year

From 21 square metre

AED 34,500 per year

Utilities Electricity, water, a/c, and free parking area Electricity, water, a/c, and free parking area
Furniture Tables, sofas, cupboards, cabinets Tables, sofas, cupboards, cabinets
Lease terms Annual, up to 25 years and renewable for same period Annual, up to 25 years and renewable for same period

Plots of Land

SAIF provides plots of land in different sizes (minimum size 2500 square metre), according to the needs of clients.

Features From 2500 square metre, rent from AED 35 per square metre

(AED 5 per square metre, for building)

Utilities Electricity and water connection rates are as client’s requirements and client pays for usage
Lease Terms Annual, with investor option for 25 years and renewable for the same period


SAIF provides high-quality warehouse facilities. Warehouses are insulated and come in four different sizes. Clients can use them for either storage, distribution, packaging, assembling or light industrial activities. Clients can lease more than one warehouse if required.

Size Cost AED Details
125 sq. m 63,000 Office area 12 sq. m

Warehouses area 113 sq. m

250 sq. m 100,000 Office area 44 sq. m

Warehouses area 206 sq. m

400 sq. m 120,000 Office area 57 sq. m

Warehouse area 343 sq. m

600 sq. m 185,000 Office area 110 sq. m

Warehouse area 490 sq. m

Temporary Storage Facilities

SAIF is the only free zone in the world which provides temporary storage areas.

Basis Size AED
Two months 82 sq. m 5,700
Three months 82 sq. m 7,750
Six months 82 sq. m 13,500
One Year 82 sq. m 25,000

Container Parking Area

Container parking areas of 20 feet or 40 feet are provided on a monthly or yearly basis:

Basis Size AED
1 month 20 feet 400
40 feet 720
3 months 20 feet 1,080
40 feet 1,950
6 months 20 feet 2,160
40 feet 3,900
1 year 20 feet 4,320
40 feet 7,800

Bunker Facilities

SAIF provides small and large bunkers that are used for storage and as industrial facilities respectively. The bunkers are equipped with electronic cranes and fire-fighting systems.

Specification Size Cost AED
Features of bunker Non-AC 36.25 10,000
AC 36.25 12,000
Fire system air-conditioning Manual Lifter 36.25 15,000
Electronic Crane (3.2 Ton) 435 80,000

Labour Accommodation

SAIF provides on-site accommodation for male and female labourers:

Specification Male Female
Labourers per room 8 8
Furniture provided No No
Air-conditioned Yes Yes
Meals provided No No
Annual price per room


33,000 30,000
Term of payment Three months advance payment

and three post-dated cheques

Three months advance payment

and three post-dated cheques

 What is the distance from various landmarks to this location?

SFZ to Dubai – 40.2 km

SFZ to Downtown – 37. 9 km


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