Shay Dubai, Dubai’s very own high-end tea brand

Shay Dubai will be marketed in three flavors: the Khaliji Blend, Dubai Spirit, and Arabic Breakfast. This was revealed at the Global Dubai Tea Forum that saw 370 delegates from over 30 tea producing and consuming countries at the DMCC Tea Centre,

In 2015, the DMCC Tea Centre handled 41 million kilos of tea through its center in Dubai, with a growth rate of 208 per cent over the past three years. It currently processes teas from 13 different countries including Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Vietnam, Japan, Uganda and China.

Global tea production last year was reportedly 5.2 million metric tons against a demand of about 4.99 million tons. China, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Indonesia account for around 77 per cent of the world’s production, and approximately 80 per cent of global exports.