Six Flags Dubai to Launch World’s Biggest Roller Coaster

Six Flags Dubai builds world’s biggest roller-coaster ride in Dubai.

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As per the news came out from the Dubai Media Office, Six Flags Dubai has decided to build 27 rides and attractions, including an exciting roller coaster labelled as the ‘world’s largest’. The construction of the theme park, in association with the US-based theme park Six Flags, has already been commenced in Dubai and expected to be opened for public in 2019. This mega project is a part of the second phase of the Dubai Parks and Resorts initiative that is scheduled to launch in October 2016. The Six Flags is situated beside the three theme parks under the Dubai Parks and Resorts Umbrella.

The current number one position for the biggest roller coaster in the world goes to Kingda Ka in the U.S, standing at 139 meters in the sky. Six Flags also declared that the company has plans to open in Saudi Arabia.

Six Flags is a world-class amusement park company based in the US with a variety of properties in the US, Canada and Mexico. It is considered to be the largest amusement park company by its properties and the fifth-most popular based on the attendance.