Ukrainian fast food outlet opens in Dubai

A quick service food chain outlet launched in Dubai.


A quick service, fast food restaurant named Salateira has started its operation in Dubai. The outlet is based in Ukraine and provides an opportunity to its customers to make salad and pasta dishes on their own from around 40 varieties of ingredients. It is located on the ground floor of the Business Central Towers in Dubai Internet City. Salateira also has a drinks station facility that offers fresh juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. One of the attractions of this outlet is that it provides mint and lemon infused water, a mix of seeds, apples, and oil olive and balsamic vinegar for salads, free of cost.

This Ukrainian restaurant can accommodate up to 118 customers at a time. It also has a partnership with food delivery portal ‘Deliveroo’ for outside deliveries. Salateira is originally from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, and the Dubai branch is the first of its kind outlet the chain owns outside Ukraine.